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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Maximum Sentences Handed Out In Megan Williams Case

To read all of our previous Megan William's post, you can go here. Also you will want to listen to our podcast where one of Megan's advisers crashed our "Good News" podcast to take issue with some criticisms I lodged at the circus-like atmosphere that appeared to be surrounding Megan.
Listen to Black Women's Roundtable on internet talk radio
Well two of the seven people charged entered into plea deals and got sentenced today to the maximum,

Forty-six-year-old Karen Burton and 49-year-old Frankie Brewster were among seven white Logan County residents who were charged in the Williams case.

Logan County Circuit Judge Roger Perry sentenced Burton, of Chapmanville, to three consecutive sentences. She received separate 2-10 year sentences for malicious assault and assault during the commission of a felony and 10 years for the civil rights charge.

Brewster received a 10-to-25-year sentence for second-degree sexual assault. CBS NEWS

Carmen is still at it:
"I just believe the (prosecutor Brian Abraham) shouldn't have plea bargained with any of them," her mother Carmen Williams said during a press conference after the sentencing, according to the Charleston Daily Main. "She (Megan Williams) wanted them to do life." CBS News
If you want to hear the lunacy surrounding this case, you can go back and listen to our "Good News" podcast that got crashed by Rev. Kenneth Glascow, Rev. Al Sharpton's brother, where we "discussed" the circus surrounding the case. My Mama swears that it was actually Rev. Al that called in.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Universe is Mocking Me: Rev. Sharpton's Brother, Kenneth, Calls Into the WAOD Radio Show - No Blood Letting Occurred

Those of you who have followed this blog from the very beginning know that the Universe openly mocks me. I mean, literally, I make plans and vows and the Universe says "Oh really?" and then I am forced to deviate from MY plans. So yesterday was supposed to be a good news show and it was nothing but bad from the start.

First, Blog Talk Radio went crazy and the switchboard got messed up to the first 15 minutes of the show are garbage. Then I talk for about five minutes with the mute . Just DRAMA! Then I finally get it together and WHO is my first caller of the evening? Rev. Kenneth Glasgow.

Don't know who Rev. Glasgow is? Well, he's Rev. Al Sharpton's brother and Yeah, I clowned him yesterday when I said this

“We have invited everybody,” said Kenneth Glasgow, brother of the Rev. Al
Sharpton. “We are here to bring about unity.” SOURCE

Then get rid of the folks causing the disunity. Sidebar - Al Sharpton has a brother? I guess he is Sharpton's lieutenant. Bout time he appointed one.
BWHAHAHA! So anyway, I don't know that I have ever had someone that I have criticized call into the show. We had an interesting conversation. It was truly an experience. The volume on the podcast is completely out of wack, so he sounds extremely low, but if you increase your volume when he speaks you should be able to hear. WE ARE EDITING THE AUDIO TO BALANCE OUT THE VOLUME. SO COME BACK LATER TO HEAR THE EQUALIZED SHOW.

I won't give the details of the conversation because I think some of what was said could potentially be quite harmful to the case, but if you haven't listened to a single episode of the Black women's round table, you need to listen to this one. I doubt they gone let him call back in to the show. He was good natured about it all.

At the end of the day, I want justice. I want these people in jail for the rest of their natural lives. I hope we all want that and that the five ring circus that has surrounded this case get reigned in. This should not be a case about a bunch of Black men fighting for who gets to lead whose march. This woman was BRUTALLY ATTACKED. She should be the focus. No, I do not believe that you have to march side by side with Malik Shabazz to indicate your support of Megan Williams.

Merry Christmas Rev. Glasgow!! Your brother finally got his recompense, for me criticizing him for half the year, my GOOD NEWS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL went all wild and wacky! I told Y'all Tiny Tot was going to put a root on me.

If you want to learn more about Rev. Glasgow's organization, it is called The Ordinary People Society.Do try to be nice if you take it upon yourself to contact the man.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hypocrisy Watch: Rev. Sharpton, -Megan Williams Case May Be In Jeopardy

On December 19, 2007, Rev. Al Sharpton said the following:

"If the federal government can intervene to protect dogs from Michael Vick in Virginia then they can do something to protect Megan Williams in West Virginia," SOURCE
Hmmm? On August 6, 2007 Rev. Al said the following:
The recent media spotlight on dog-fighting reminds us of society's callous disregard for the suffering of animals and disrespect for sentient beings...Every animal has the right to live without fear and pain. It is our job to do whatever we can to ensure this basic right for all animals, and we intend to do just that! Let's give law enforcement and animal welfare professionals, who are on the front lines of battling violence and cruelty in every form, our active support in their quest to elevate our society..Hurting animals for human pleasure or gain is despicable. Cruelty is just plain wrong. "Maybe Black Women Should Be Pitt Bulls in Our Next Lifetime"

Does PETA know about this latest statement? Now I have been saying for MONTHS that it is ridiculous that so many Black leaders tripped over themselves A) defending a multimillionaire criminal and B)speaking out on behalf of dogs while ignoring the plight of Black women who are victims of horrific acts of torture. In fact, I think I have used the Michael Vick story to contrast Rev. Al's silence on a number of occasions so this quote just jumped out at me. The man is a genius. If you can't beat an argument or your critics, coopt it. I just hope that AP reporter never discovers GOOGLE.

Prepare Yourselves

Hmmm. Y'all know I keep up with the Megan Williams case, but I try not to post on the lunacy everyday because it's sad to watch. Now those of youwho have been anywhere near a courthouse have probably been going out of your minds considering the possibility that in their quest to get the hate crimes designation, they might jeopardize the entire case at this point. You have the DA saying PUBLICLY that HE can't tell that thi is a hate crime. Tell me how he can look a jury in the eye at this point and say they should find the defendants guilty beyond a reasonable doubt when the prosecutor has said publicly HE has doubts. LAUGHABLE. Even if this was a hate crime, I think it qualifies, how in the heck could you get a conviction?

Now typically in a high profile case with an abundance of media attention, it is the defense team crying about the affect of the publicity on the potential jury and petitioning for a change of venue. Have you noticed how quiet the defense team in this case has been? They are in ALT!

He[Prosecutor in the Megan Williams case] thinks the prior relationship will make a difference with a Logan County jury, and that he is better off not dealing with racial motivations, and instead concentrate on the kidnapping and first-degree assault charges. SOURCE

“There was a great deal of sympathy for her in Logan County and from Logan residents. But after that [Nov. 3] rally, I heard comments in the public by people in Logan County and Charleston. It almost seemed to be a shift in sympathy or a lessening of sympathy because of the way the rally took place,’’ Megan Williams Prosecutor
Read between the lines people! I think he knows it is a hate (bias) crime too. What he is saying is he can't get a conviction for a hate crime out of Logan County so he' going for what he thinks is the surest bet which carries the longer sentence. Does anyone know if they added the hate crimes charges which would carry 10 years whether they would run consecutively or concurrently?

“I hope that this case is tried in Kanawha County. I’m not comfortable with it being tried in Logan County at all. I prefer it be tried in Charleston. I think the defendants have too much sympathy in Logan County,” Shabazz said.
Sorry attorney Shabazz, I don't think that is the way it works. All of the constitutional protections in the constitution are aimed at protecting the criminals from the state, not the other way around. Maybe you skipped that day in class. The criminal justice system is based on giving the criminal EVERY benefit not the victims. Once you get a conviction, then the victim comes into play. Find me a judge that is going to say "I hereby grant this change of venue to increase the possibility that the defendant will be convicted!"

This was a doozy of a case and everyday, this circus has to give the defense hope. A) The potential jury pool is getting ticked off, B) the prosecutor has basically said publicly that HE can't determine if this is a hate crime( tell me how a jury is supposed to believe him when he asks them to find beyond a reasonable doubt that this constituted a hate crime when even he has stated publicly he has doubts!) and C)The prosecution's star witness has retold her story in public on multiple occasions and has received money gifts and trips which I am certain a defense attorney is going to want to ask her about - TRY 6 defense attorneys. Because you realize now that all 6 may take the case to trial. All each has to do is point the finger at the other 5. I hope I am wrong. Seriously, I hope I am wrong. Anybody saying "It ain't possible for them to walk!" Clearly didn't grow up in the south. Yes, it is possible and it becomes more and more possible as additional rings are added to this circus. They don't have to beat all the charges, just the most severe of them.

Now NONE of these things SHOULD affect Megan Williams being able to obtain justice, but we are dealing with human beings, the margin for error is HUGE. As I have told people over and over again- "The law and common sense have nothing to do with each other."

Men Beahving BAAAAADLY

In addition, the sniping between the MEN in this case is an embarrassment and a sign that the Civil Rights Industrial Complex has truly lost its ever loving mind. Sharpton is calling local preachers cowards and telling folks they aren't worthy to be pastors in their churches....

"Any public official or preacher who can't put the pain of his people above the politics of leaders is not fit to be a politician or a preacher," Sharpton said. Associated Press

UM where exactly is Rev. Sharpton's congregation located? I forget. Somebody help me find it on a map. I'm geographically challenged. Where exactly is NOWHERE?

Thank God This Crew Didn't Show Up in West Palm Beach!

There is an old saying "You can't always get what you want, but you get what you need." Y'all remember how I have been throwing a fit because these folks have been ignoring some pretty horrific Black on Black crimes? Can y'all imagine if these folks ever made it down to West Palm Beach Florida? *Shutters*

The Universe has been working on me for a minute. On more than one occasion, watching this circus-like atmosphere that has developed in West Virginia, I've said "Thank God, these people stayed far far away from West Palm Beach." From outward signs, the Dunbar Village prosecution is rolling along, although locals are upset that the first plea deal only garnered 20 years. The family has been protected. The prosecutors seem to know what they are doing (knock on wood).

On the other hand, there are STILL hundreds of women and children living in unsafe and inhumane living conditions. Black women and girls are still being attacked in south Florida. Rev. Al isn't flying down on his private jet to hold a rally for them and we all ought to give thanks. Instead a group of WAOD readers and bloggers are headed down to Dunbar Village in January to help residents help themselves. A truly impressive group of young Black women and men. Some you've heard of, others you have not. We'll have more details after the holidays.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Y'all Pray For Megan Williams:Four Ring Circus Adds 5th Ring

UPDATE: AL SHARPTON SPEAKS - criticizes local leaders for not aligning with Shabazz. Sharpton calls local ministers cowards gives Megan $1,000 for Christmas. It is still all about the men and not Megan Williams.

I previously posted about the circus-like atmosphere surrounding Megan Williams, the victim of a brutal rape and torture in West Virginia being surrounded by a bunch of leeches involved in a peeing competition. Well today they reached a new low.

In case y'all didn't know, since Rev. Sharpton didn't show up at their first rally, Megan's handlers decided to throw an encore. Small problem, the local black leaders are non too fond of of Megan's chief handler, Malik Shabazz. Seems Mr. Shabazz is fond of making anti Semitic statements and his organization has been designated a hate group:

On Monday, the Rev. Paul Dunn made a plea to other pastors in the community, asking them to support Williams through the rally. Dunn was the only member of the Charleston Black Ministerial Alliance to support the November rally for Williams. Other ministers cited past ant-Semitic remarks by Shabazz as the reason for not supporting the march. “We want this young lady to know that the community cares about her,” Dunn said. “We want to keep this focused on the issues.” SOURCE
If you want to keep things focussed on the issues Rev. then get rid of the distraction! Stay strong local pastors! You can care about Megan without standing side by side with Shabazz.

“We have invited everybody,” said Kenneth Glasgow, brother of the Rev. Al Sharpton. “We are here to bring about unity.” SOURCE
Then get rid of the folks causing the disunity. Sidebar - Al Sharpton has a brother? I guess he is Sharpton's lieutenant. Bout time he appointed one.

So basically they are saying that if you elect not to stand beside an anti Semite and associate your church with a hate group then you are not supporting Megan. If they are so concerned about "unity" then perhaps the prudent thing to do is to have the source of their reticence step aside. If the ultimate goal is to support Megan , which it is not, and the litmus test of supporting Megan is showing up at yet another march, which it should not be, then have Shabazz step aside, which he won't do.

How did this become about which church is going to show up to whose march? This girl was brutally attacked. Her mama didn't even know she was missing. She's been forced to retell her story over and over again. Shes got dozens of new strange men crowding in around her. She's being taken all over the place. New York, DC and if reports about her injuries are accurate, she still has wounds physical wounds that have not healed let alone the psychological ones and y'all having a press conference to call out folks for not going to your parade?

Since we are focusing on good news this week, the good news is that Megan will not be attending this rally, Carmen will be standing in for her, as Carmen should have done from the very beginning. I guess the DA put the fear of God in them.

FYI, y'all need to be reading these West Virginia papers and the reader comments. This DA has been sending out signals from the beginning that he had some concerns about his jury pool. I think he was right. This may not be a slam dunk case. Prepare yourselves and pray for Megan.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Megan Williams Update: Three Ring Circus Adds Fourth Ring

Symphony is on hiatus this week ( girl stay off this internet and hit those books), but she sent me this link with an update in the Megan Williams case out of West Virginia.

Now for a hot minute, we've been asking who is looking out for Megan. In out last update, the prosecutor in the case was asking for a court appointed guardian for Megan because they continued to have her give media interviews recounting the facts in the case, a HUGE problem come trial time because I can promise you the defense attorneys are reading and watching every word.

Prosecutor Backs Off of Request for Guardian

Well the prosecutor backed off of his motion to have a guardian appointed ( I don't think he should have) since the family has agreed to not do any additional interviews, but this was not before Megan taped a show with Montel Williams where he promised to help Megan get her GED, give her a laptop computer, and contribute to a fund so she could attend college. SOURCE. The defense team has to be loving this.

Al Sharpton to Rally in Charleston, West Virginia

Now the last time there was a Megan Williams rally, he was announced, but did not show. Well Malik Shabazz wanted to guarantee that the good Rev. Shows up this time so he made Sharpton a keynote speaker:
On Dec. 18, Rev. Sharpton and I will be in Charleston, and we�ll be co-keynoting a rally at First Baptist Church for Megan Williams,� Shabazz said, assuring that unlike the Nov. 3rd march and rally at the State Capitol when Sharpton, who was billed to speak but did not show, will appear this time.SOURCE
If this wasn't so tragic, it would be funny. So are they saying Sharpton didn't appear because he didn't get top billing? I'm confused? Actually I am not.

Local DA and State Attorney General Battle over Who Will Prosecute Case

I've been willing to give the local prosecutor the benefit of the doubt up til' now, but this was just a bonehead move. The local DA asked for an official opinion from the AG's office as to whether the alleged acts committed against Megan fell under the WV hate crimes laws.
However the Logan County prosecutor has been noncommittal on the hate crimes issue, particularly after federal authorities refused to be involved.

Abraham, in a move many saw as opting for political cover, instead formally asked the state Attorney General�s Office for a legal opinion on whether West Virginia�s hate crimes statute applied in the Williams case.

Abraham said if he decides to apply the charges, the attorney general�s opinion would hold more weight in court.
Now this was a blatant attempt to get political cover from the AG's office and an abdication of prosecutorial discretion so the local DA deserves to be dinged for this. The AG wisely told the local DA. "You know the law, interpret it ya' dadgum self":
But in a move that surprised, angered and embarrassed Abraham, state AG Darrell McGraw refused to issue an opinion, saying that the Logan prosecutor knows the law and is qualified to make his own decisions.

"Mr. Abraham is trying to avoid making the political, tough decision," a spokesperson for AG McGraw told The Charleston Gazette. "We have no beef with the prosecutor in Logan County. But it is not our role to do what he has asked. It's his role. ... We have many times been involved with controversial issues."

"He is as capable of making the determination of what the law is as the attorney general in this context," the AG�s spokesperson continued. "He is a lawyer and he is an elected official. "He has to make those difficult decisions and not put it on the Attorney Generals Office."

A furious Abraham, who got the bad news in what he called a "half-assed letter,".
SMH. I agree with the AG on this one. You went to law school just like he did. Criminal law is actually ( TO ME) one of the most straight forward areas of practice. You either got the elements or you don't.

Megan's Spokesperson Upset that the NAACP Isn't Publicly Supporting Him- Welcome to the Club Buddy

On this one I have to side with the NAACP and the Black Ministerial Alliance. They recognize foolishness when they see it walking through the door and they know more about local political realities than Shabazz, a lawyer, who sees nothing wrong with repeatedly having the prosecution's star witness tell her story over and over again:
Beyond the handful of local Black leaders who stood with Megan Williams during the Nov. 3rd march and rally at the state Capitol, Shabazz says he hasn't heard from the local or state NAACP, or the Black Ministerial Alliance, two of the major groups who opposed his involvement in the case. Given the current controversy concerning the case, Shabazz says the local leadership needs to understand that now, more than ever, this is all about getting justice for Megan Williams, and nothing else[IS IT? You sure it is not about YOU?]. "They clearly see that there are issues around this case they need to stand up for," Shabazz said, "whether they choose to stand with me or not." SOURCE

Oh welcome to the club, you'll get over it!

This Is Pitiful

This whole sordid affair is just pitiful. You got Black ministers battling. Al Sharpton refusing to show up in WV unless he is the star attraction. Megan going on a press tour and being lavished with gifts that she WILL be cross examined on. Not to mention the jury pool is being tainted by all of this foolishness. The local DA is clearly letting politics enter into his case with this unnecessary request for political cover from the AG and now they are battling over the case and then to top it off, you got Shabazz trying to evoke sympathy because the other members of the CRIC (civil rights industrial complex) don't want to play in his sandbox. Can somebody tell me what the SECOND rally is for again other than irritating the HELL out of the jury pool? The jury pool, y'all remember them? The folks that will ultimately decide this case no matter what the defendants are charged with.

You can read our previous Megan Williams coverage here.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Megan Williams' Prosecutor Asks for the Appointment of a Guardian

Man do I have a crystal ball or what? Actually I don't, but common sense and a general knowledge of the laws pertaining to mentally challenged adults would have set off some alarms if the court DIDN'T appoint a guardian. Generally speaking once they turn 18, children are adults unless the guv'ment intervenes, which it may do in the case of an adult who is mentally challenged. The parents would be first in line to be guardians, but it is not a foregone conclusion and you have to typically go through a process in order to have the parents declared the guardian of an adult. It ain't automatic.

For WEEKS I have been asking who was looking out for Megan Williams and so have some other bloggers.. When I say looking out for her, I mean HER, the human being, not HER, the symbol. On November 2nd on Essential Presence, I even asked if it was possible to have a guardian or trustee appointed and was curious as to why that had not been done considering the money being donated and some of the decisions Carmen has been making.

Well I wasn't the only one. Hat Tip to African American Political Pundit via the Afrospear Message Board. The Prosecutor is asking for a guardian ad litem, a very common request with children and adults who are mentally challenged are involved in some type of legal proceeding. Remember Anna Nicole's Baby had an ad litem who the court basically handed the body over to instead of Anna Nicole's mother Virgie and Howard k. Stern. Here is what the prosecutor said :

“I filed a motion for a guardian ad litem out of concern that the people in her social sphere and the people around her may be allowing things, media events, that are not in Megan’s best interest or in the best interest of her case,” Abraham said Thursday. “And she may not have a full appreciation or understanding of how this impacts her case.”

A guardian ad litem is normally appointed in cases where minors are involved, to protect the legal interests of the minor, he said.

“I have done it in the past with adults with some mental incapacity,” Abraham said. SOURCE

Before folks start howling at the moon. The guardian does not work for the prosecutor, they don't work for the parents. They work for the court and it isn't just lawyers who judges use to play an independent role in cases involving minors and incapacitated adults. You can volunteer to serve as a Court Appointed Special Advocate to look out for the best interest of children involved in court proceedings, typically involved in abuse and neglect cases. You don't have to be a lawyer:
In 1977, a Seattle judge conceived the idea of using trained community volunteers to speak for the best interests of abused and neglected children in court. So successful was this program that soon judges across the country began utilizing citizen advocates. In 1990, the US Congress encouraged the expansion of CASA programs with passage of the Victims of Child Abuse Act.

Today, we have grown to a network of more than 50,000 volunteers that serve 225,000 abused and neglected children through 900+ local program offices nationwide. Our advocates, also known as volunteer guardians ad litem in some jurisdictions, are appointed members of the court. Judges rely on the information these trusted advocates present.

To learn more, call your local courthouse or go the the National CASA website. They always need volunteers.

My only question is this, if the prosecutor is saying she doesn't have mental capacity to make complex legal decisions, um tell me how she had legal capacity to run a hot check cashing operation? Hmmm. Not THAT is a question the prosecutor needs to answer. Why did you bring her in on criminal charges and throw her in a jail cell while her wounds were still open if you don't think she has mental capacity. Mental incapacity works both ways.

Trustee will be next

And you can bet your house that if the court appoints a guardian ad litem, The very next thing that will happen is the ad litem will ask that a Trustee be appointed to handle her finances. Don't say the prosecutor didn't warn Carmen and 'em. Did they really think he was going to let them tank this case? His reputation is riding on this too. He wants the Brewsters in the clank if for no other reason than he is sick of dealing with their criminal foolishness.

LET THE HOWLING BEGIN! But I think someone looking out for her best interests to the exclusion of all others is a WONDERFUL IDEA! Anybody who complains about this has some "agenda" because what is wrong with having someone who is independent and only accountable to the judge?I wonder what took so long.

You say what?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Megan Williams Rally: Prosecutor, NAACP(*cough*), local ministers adivise NO- New Black Panther Party and Carmen Say "Whatever"

Well for those you wanting an update on that rally in West Virgina for Megan Williams today, CNN and the AP have the story.

Megan looks different in the pictures. it looks as if they got her some extensions. Well Rev. Al was supposed to show up. He did not .

The Rev. Al Sharpton did not appear at the rally or march, despite his staff's confirmation earlier in the week that he was scheduled to attend. Instead, he held "an emergency press conference in New York," according to a spokeswoman, regarding New York Knicks coach Isaiah Thomas. SOURCE

There is so much I could do with this little tidbit right there about my favorite pompadoured precha', but I'mma let that ride.

It looks like the prosecutor isn't the only one concerned about the rally:
Shabazz staged the rally despite a request by the city's black ministerial association and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People not to gather because it could harm the prosecution's case. SOURCE
I don't know what else to say about this. Does the prosecutor's reason for not filing charges under the hate crimes statute sound odd. Well, yeah. Even if there was a "personal" relationship between Megan and one of the defendants, that does not exclude that she was tortured in the manner that she was tortured because she was black. I am not getting that logic. Does that mean that if you have a relationship with a Black woman, you can't commit a hate crime against her?

However, I am going to give the prosecutor the benefit of the doubt that he knows something about his jury pool that we don't. What will the hate crimes designation do as a practical matter? Well nothing from the standpoint of the WV criminal justice system. The hate crime gets you ten years, the kidnapping and other charges carry life sentences. Plus there are always the federales.

I can understand people's need for the hate crimes designation as a kind of validation that this was in fact a hate crime.

"Justice is all we are asking for, no special treatment," Booker said. "They need to be charged with everything they have done, the hate crime and the rape and the battery. All of it."

Before the march, a rally was held on the steps of the state Capitol building. "Hate crimes are out of control in America," Malik Shabazz, a legal adviser to Williams and her family and a founder of Black Lawyers for Justice, told the crowd. "Nooses are being hung and our women are being raped by white mobs. What happened to Megan Williams was a hate crime and we want this prosecuted as a hate crime." SOURCE

Does it make it any less of a hate crime if it doesn't get the designation?

Statistically speaking Mr. Shabazz, the mobs attacking Black women are typically Black ones. Symphony from Essential Presence put up some ridiculous statistic about sexual assaults on Black women and white perpetrators barely registered statistically.( I can't find that post right now, Symphony, can you put it in the comments or just add it directly to this post). For an unscientific sampling, See Dunbar Village ( 35 year old single mother gang raped), Milwaukee ( 11 year old gang raped), Brooklyn ( mother and daughter gang raped) and this case out of Philly ("theft of services" case)

In addition, I don't have a problem with "marching" per se, however, multiple public statements from a witness that is going to be the target of a vigorous cross examination, fraught with peril. You are potentially giving the defense team a dry run at the witness. You know how she responds to questions, you get to test her ability to recall, her temperament, how she will come across to a jury pool how to get her to put her guard down, how to make her put her guard up, but most of all, you get to lock her into statements that you can challenge her with later, under oath. Not to mention that after you have told the story 100 times to 100 people, it loses some of it's "impact". It could come off sounding like a recitation because you have had to tel the story over and over again that it becomes automatic. The parents and relatives could tell her story and avoid all of these potential pitfalls.

It does not appear that Megan's handlers are taking any advice from anyone other than NBPP so at this point, what is the point. If the prosecutor can't convince them that they are jeopardizing his case, no one else can at this point. I just hope is he more persuasive with the jury. Plus, what NO ONE wants to say or admit to is that having the victim attach herself to various "characters" might make her less sympathetic to the jury (sad but true). Let's just hope they can get six convictions and that this case does not unravel in front of our eyes.

UPDATE: Have y'all read this article about the Megan Williams case?
"I guess it's been going on for months. They would get drunk and do stuff to her and the next day everything would be OK," Christie Messer said.SOURCE

Where in the world was her family in all of this?

Also, apparently a community meeting leading up to the march got quite heated when the ministerial alliance explained why they would not be participating. Y'all need to go read that Essence article about Megan Williams and Dunbar Village.

For all the latest on the Megan Williams case you can go to Nessa Publishing It is a very comprehensive site on the Megan Williams case. Photos, videos, articles. you name it. Great information source.

Reminder for those who want to make donations. You can make them to any chase bank, or mail them here:
Welana Megan Williams Trust Fund Donation Account, 707 Virginia St. E., Charleston, WV 25301.

Megan Williams March For Justice Today, November 3rd.- Megan Will Be Marching.

We already posted on this march a few weeks ago. If you want to read who is behind it, you can go here. I am not going to add anything to the conversation because Symphony, over at Essential Presence basically says everything that I am thinking about the fact that Megan will be joining the marchers. This despite the fact that the prosecutor advised the family not to. Why couldn't her family march on her behalf? This is part of what Essential Presence had to say about the latest developments:

[H]er mother, Carmen, has decided both she and Megan will be there. ..
There is no way Megan can be completely healed...mentally or physically. Does she need to be in large crowds of people being gawked at like some circus freak?

Abraham[the prosecutor] is right. The courtroom is where she should first seek justice. If, after the trial, she (her mother) wants to give interviews left and right then fine. But now isn't the time. Carmen Williams isn't listening to the prosecutor, is there anyone around she listens to? Is there someone telling her this isn't the best course of action? Or is everyone ready to use her as a pawn to talk about White hate and racism in America?

We don't need Megan to be that example. Michael Richards, Adrienne Curry, Bill O'Reilly, Dog the Bountyhunter, nooses at Columbia University, police stations, by Coast Guard cadets, and the list goes on are sufficient evidence that America has a race problem.Megan isn't a pawn. Her story, however, should be a symbol of hatred and violence against women of color. And it doesn't matter who the abusers are. Because as we all know, women of color are abused at alarming rates by men of their own race. SOURCE
Also, the prosecutor in the case understandably isn't happy about all the interviews that this mentally challenged woman is giving in the media. For those of you who say "let her speak", I understand that, but every time she recounts the tell outside of the witness stand, she basically hands the defense team a gift. It is hard enough for those who are not mentally challenged to recount horrific details and withstand cross examination. And yes, they CAN and WILL use all of these press interviews against her. Folks need to decide what they want: to make a point NOW OR get a criminal conviction AND make a point LATER.

Medical Bills

The prosecutor also addressed something that came up when there were some Paypal accounts set up for donations for Megan's medical bills. Fallon from Document the Silence worked diligently to find an "official' victim's assistance fund. At the time one of the things I asked was what were the medical bills because I was pretty sure the state or the feds would be footing the bill if not the hospital because most states have offer some type of assistance to victims of violent crime, not all and not in all cases, but I would have been surprised if this was not one of those cases. Turns out I was right. That being said, folks should continue to donate to the fund to cover personal expenses and just because you want to let her know you are thinking about her, just be wary of folks representing that they are collecting funds to cover medical expenses.
Abraham also said that all of Williams’ medical bills are expected to be paid for by the West Virginia Crime Victims Compensation Fund.

“Federal authorities have offered funds for her medical bills. We are going out of our way to make sure those are provided for in full,” he said. “Anyone making donations for her personal, future care, that is one thing. “But anyone out there representing as a group taking donations as for her medical bills, I think that is going to be covered,” he said. “I don’t think that would be a fair thing to seek contributions for.”SOURCE

Seriously, folks MUST be wilding out if the prosecutor was asked about this. There is one "official" fund that I am aware of is this one.

Dunbar Village

There has also been some movement, finally in West Palm Beach regarding the housing authority. Someone finally noticed that the Housing Authority Director is an incompetent boob. It looks like the city commissioners are looking for ways to ditch the housing board in hopes of getting rid of the clueless Robinson.

Quite frankly, I think folks down there have finally started to get out of the shock they MUST have been in following the revelations about the horror of the Dunbar Village crime. Laurel Robinson will not survive this even if Mayor Lois "Do Nothing" Frankel foolishly continues to support her. This horror happened on Robinson's watch and her failure to maintain that property ( ie no security cameras non existent and street lamps shot out) lead to a crime plagued environment fueled apparently by the Housing Authority's inability to even regulate WHO could live on their property. Laurel isn't completely responsible, but her performance related to Dunbar Village was way past poor.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Megan Willams Speaks, Featured Activism, Black Women in the News

Megan Williams and her adoptive mother, Carmen, gave an interview to Final Call. You can read it here. Black and Missing and Afrosphere Bloggers Association are reporting that a group called Black Lawyers for Justice has planned a weekend of events in West Virginia during the first weekend in November.

I don't know who is behind this group. They have pictures of Megan and Carmen on their website that look as if they probably were taken during the Final Call interview. Again, I am glad people are paying attention to this case, they should, but I am worried about this woman.

UPDATE: A source who asked to remain anonymous for some reason is reporting that the Afrosphere Blogosphere Association has learned that the new Black Panther Party is behind The Black Lawyers for Justice march. Proceed with caution and I am going to leave it at that (SMH) I had a feeling.

Janet Jackon CBS Interview

Justsaying emailed to complain about Janet Jackson's treatment during an interview related to promoting the movie “Why Did I get Married”:

Will they ever let it go? And does Justin still get these types of questions and overall disrespectful TREATMENT on his tour. If CBS is still "smarting" over the incident, then simply refuse to bring her on the network or any of its affiliates. Don't bring her on to embarrass and disrespect her!

Breast Cancer in the Black Community

This is from Danielle on behalf of General Mills:
Curb recording artist and second-season “American Idol” finalist, Kimberley Locke has teamed up with General Mills to encourage the Black community to take a more active role in breast cancer prevention. Kimberley, a long-time supporter of breast cancer awareness, has added her personal story to General Mill’s recently launched online community PinkTogether.com, and also has created a public service announcement (PSA) to encourage African Americans, in particular, to engage in the conversation.

The Sisterhood Agenda Seeks Donors and Sponsors

We know that our women and girls are at risk. Self-love and empowerment are critical. Sisterhood Agenda creates and centralizes local, regional and global resources for females of African descent to address health, cultural, social, and economic needs through a variety of innovative approaches, programs and services. Sisterhood Agenda invites you to join us in uplifting women and girls of African descent

To learn more, you can got to the Sisterhood Agenda.

Where in the World is Rev. Jesse?

Candied Yams sent me this article from the Chicago Sun Times. She says:
Harold Ickes but not Dunbar Village? A coincidence?

I say, “Who Knows?” I can't add any additional conspiracy theories to my inbox.

Super Sistas

I have written about Super Sistas before. They ran a film competition earlier this year. They basically are offering a broadband channel for video content about African American women. Imagine YouTube, but it would be just about us and you get to say whether you think the image is positive/negative.
You can check it out by going to Super Sistas.

Wear Red on October 31st

Fallon from over at Document the Silence is leading a campaign to get folks to wear read on the last day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
Be bold, be brave, be red. Wear red on October 31, 2007. Take a picture or video of yourself and friends wearing red. Send it to: beboldbered@gmail.com. We’ll post it!
Take Your Red to the Streets! Know of a location where violence occurred against a woman of color? Have a public location where you feel women of color are often ignored? Make violence against women of color visible by decorating the space in red. Be sure to send us pictures and or video of your display!
Rally! Gather your friends, family, and community to rally. Check out the Document the Silence website for the litany we’re asking participants to read together on October 31st. Be sure to send us pictures and/or video of the event! You could even gather where you created a display!
Share your story of silence. Share your own story of silence by uploading it to the Document the Silence website (http://documentthesilence.wordpress.com/). You can send a story in any form you’d like – as a written statement, video clip, movie, documentary, or visual art. Our goal is to document the silences within our relationships, homes, families, communities, jobs, schools, faith communities, governments, and within our world. We want you to share your story of injustice. Stories that the media, elected officials, self-appointed leaders, and organizations ignore. To upload videos and visual art pieces, please email them to: beboldbered@gmail.com

Another Man Shoots his PREGNANT Girlfriend

They are not kidding when they say that being pregnant makes you at higher risk of violence. Meeky P sent in a note about yet another case of a man shooting his pregnant girlfriend.
Another story of a crazy ex shooting his pregnant girlfriend. This one happened right here in good ol' Tallahassee. *smh*
Read about it here.
We should post the nut's picture on every freaking website!!

Sidenote. Have y'all noticed that I don't post a bunch of photos on WAOD? The legalist in me has these pesky internal limitations on treading on folks intellectual property rights, but if you want to see what he looks like, you can go to the article.

School Says "NO!" to "Superman Dat Ho!"

Hat Tip ts Sandra Rose
Somebody on this planet still has common sense. A high school has banned "Crank Dat" from their high school dances. They have a problem with the word "Ho". Wait until they figure out what Crank Dat and "Superman Dat Ho" mean. They got a wHOle lot more to worry about than that one word. But we'll take it.

And finally, I received SEVERAL E-mails about the Black girl that allegedly had her wrist broken after dropping a piece of cake. Sandra Rose has the latest on that story.

WHEW! Now I feel as if my desk is cleared off!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Megan Williams Assistance Fund Established

After a lot of behind the scenes wrangling, we finally have obtained an "official" place where folks can send donations to Megan Williams.In short, some folks had set up PayPal accounts, the Sherrif's office was telling people to send donations to them, lots of behind the scenes drama, so I wasn't going to publicize any "funds" until somebody with some semblance of a fiduciary resonsibility to Megan came on board. That appears to be Chase Bank.

Poor Fallon had to meet my rigorous standards and she hustled, tracking down everybody and their grandmama in West Virginia and she has finally obtained some success. You can find more out about her trials and tribulations in just getting in contact with a family representative to know where to direct donations by going over to her blog, Document the Silence. Go drop Fallon an e-mail thanking her for hustling and putting up with me.

Hello All,

I have confirmation that Megan and her family have established a savings account for Megan through Chase Bank Branches. Basically, if people want to donate money to Megan they can write a check payable to The Welana Megan Williams Trust and drop the check at any Chase bank.

I confirmed all of this with the Rev. Emmanuel Ferguson, the family representative, and Ms. Parson's the director of Chase Banks in Charleston who confirmed that Megan and her family have completed the paper work for the Chase account. Rev. Ferguson said the Chase account is the only place where Megan should receive funds.

Fallon, Document the Silence

For additional information, contact Fallon over at Document the Silence.

Update from Fallon:
Thanks for the shout out.

In my desire to get the information to you and others, I made three mistakes. The three corrections are:

1. The Chase Bank representative is Jerry Ann Parkson and her number is (contact Fallon)

2. The minister's name is Rev. Emmanuel Halliger at Ferguson Memorial Baptist Church

3. Also, the new blog/website for document the silence is:



Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Week in Review: Congressional Hearings, Nailah Franklin, Megan Williams, Return of the Podcast and Search Panelists and Contributors,

We began the week cramped in the middle seat of a Frontier Airlines flight bound for DC trapped behind a woman with three kids all under the age of four years-old and a seat mate that was obsessed with picking his nose (It really happened), but it was all worth it to be in the room for the dog and pony show that were the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Sub Committee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection hearing called "From Imus to Industry." I asked "who is looking out for Megan Williams in West Virginia?" I gave an update on the foolishness in Dunbar Village. We ended the week talking about Nailah Franklin. The AP reported that her body had been recovered. They apparently were premature ( DOLTS). BringNailahFranklinHome.com is asking folks to keep looking.

Liveblogging Lunacy in the People's House
I live blogged the shenanigans from inauspicious beginning to bitter end. There were three panels, Panel One, Entertainment Executives. Panel Two, Levell Crump's Pain, and Panel Three was the panel that they finally let the people affected get a word in edgewise. You can watch all of Panel Two (Master P, David Banner/Levell Crump, Prognostitute-in-Cheif- Michael Eric Dyson). You can listen to our commentary by going to the Black Women's Roundtable.
Return of the Black Women's Roundtable, Thursdays at 8PM CST
The Black Women's Roundtable is back every Thursday at 8PM CST. On our first show back from a two-month hiatus, we were graced with the presence of SheCodes, who rode the train down to meet me at the hearings. We dished all the behind the scenes foolishness that went on in the hearing room and out in the hall. You won't see this kind of commentary on CSPAN and we have context the Associated Press was too lazy to bother with. You can listen to the archived show from Thursday by clicking on the player at the top of the page or going to the podcast homepage and clicking on the archives.
Be A Guest on the Black Women's Roundtable
Speaking of the Black Women's Roundtable, we're looking for regular panelists for the show so if you have a Thursday available and want to weigh in on whatever we are talking about, jot over an email to whataboutourdaughters at gmail dot com. Place "PANELIST" as the first word in the subject line. I am looking for permanent panelists as well as folks to pop in on occasion.

Openings for Guest Contributors

We are opening up some new slots for guest contributors. My original guest contributors have been made moderators. They will still chime in, but they have their own blogs which keep them extremely busy and everyday i get more and more requests to cover new foolishness popping off in the Universe and there just isn't enough moi to go around. I am looking for people to cover the following stories; Megan Williams and Crimes against Black women. You will need to be BRIEF (250 words or less). Which should not be a problem because one of the neat things about blogging is that you link to source material so you just need to give the readers an idea of what is going on and provide a link where they can find more information. Also, you can't be boring. If people wanted dull, dry and unbiased, they wouldn't come to this blog. We will accept cross posts.

Wagging Finger of Shame Nominations and Voting
We're also accepting nominations for a weekly "WAOD Wagging Finger of Shame Award." Send in your nomination via e-mail put " NOMINATION" as the first word in your subject line. Nominations are due each week by Wednesday. Voting will take place on Thursday, and the winners will be announced on Fridays.

Blogging While Brown Registration Begins

If you love reading blogs or if you are a person of color that blogs, come on down to Atlanta for a Blogoshpere Family Reunion for Black and Brown bloggers and their readers. Blogging While Brown, the first international conference for bloggers of color will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, July 25-27, 2008. Early registration is now open. Learn more at Blogging While Brown.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

We're talking about Nailah Franklin, Dunbar Village, Megan Williams, and the Congressional Hearings tonight at 8PM CST- Listen Live or Call In

Tonight on the WAOD podcast, we'll be talking about Nailah Franklin, Dunbar Village, Megan Williams, and the Congressional hearings on Tuesday.

You can listen live via the internet by going to The Black Women's Roundtable Page. You can participate by calling in to 646-478-4750.

Archives of the show will be available on I-tunes and the podcast homepage.

Or just click this button at show time:BlogTalkRadio Listen Live